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Why Kaua'i?

The Weddings Kaua'i guide

Exploring your options is a sound idea. I've gathered some helpful links and info to help you decide if a Kaua'i wedding is a good fit. 

Travel Links

Here are my favorite sites for finding deals on airfare/hotel/car rentals.
Airfare: Google Flights
Hotels: Expedia
Car Rental: Hotwire


Wedding Costs

How much will it cost to have my wedding on Kaua'i? Well, that's a complicated question because there are many variables. It's like asking "how much does a bottle of champagne cost"? Well, are you thinking about buying a bottle of Korbel or a 2002 Dom Perignon? Costs will vary depending on the choices you make. With that in mind, here is a rough guide to wedding pricing on Kaua'i. This is intended to be a guide, not as an actual estimate.

Wedding Package

Starting at $1850: The Wedding Package is ideal for an intimate ceremony. You can choose to do your ceremony on the beach or at a private location. Beaches are the most economical option, however, the State of Hawai'i imposes a 30 person limit and forbids archways and chairs to be used in a beach ceremony. Here is a link to the State rules: State of Hawai'i General Terms & Conditions. Most private locations range from $500-$3500 and will allow set-up of archways and chairs.

Wedding Ceremony without Reception

$5000: This budget will get you a wedding ceremony at a private location, photography, chairs, and some simple flower options. Of course this budget could easily increase with exotic flowers/decor, videography, additional photography time, refreshments, etc.  

For the reception (not included in the price), you can book table or a private section in a restaurant (budget $100-$150 per person). You can also have an informal BBQ at your vacation home (if your rental doesn't have any restrictions on parties) or order pizzas and pick-up some Dom Perignon from Costco.

Ceremony & Reception

This is where pricing can really start to vary. Reception locations, entertainment, and catering options can be get pricey. If your finances can keep pace with your tastes, you can choose just about anything you desire. 

$18,000-$25,000: This is a solid starting price range for a ceremony with a reception for under 50 people.

$25,000-$30,000: This is a solid price range for a ceremony with some extras and a restaurant buyout or a tented reception at a private garden for 50-70 people.

$30,000-$50,000: This is a solid price range for a ceremony with some extras and a tented reception at a private garden for 70-150 people.

+$50,000: You can start to get a little lavish.

+$100,000: You can start to get a little eccentric.