Iben Dwight | Wedding Planner

Email: Iben@wedkauai.com   tel. (808) 635-9393

Do I need a wedding planner?
Ultimately, you do not need a wedding planner, but having one will save you time. I have years of experience and can provide you with tips, ideas, give you advice, keep you organized, schedule meetings, plan your budget and ensure a successful wedding.

How many weddings have you planned?
I've planned well over 1000 weddings on Kaua'i.

How long have you been in business?
I've been planning weddings on Kaua'i since 1998.

What services do you offer?
I offer affordable wedding packages, consultations for the DIY bride/groom, "Day of" planner, and wedding planning.

Why should I book with Weddings Kaua'i?
Experience, responsiveness, organization, and style.  I respond to inquiries and client communication quickly, I'm organized, and I have a keen sense of style.

How much does a wedding cost?
To get an idea of how much your wedding might cost click here.

Are there restrictions to getting married on a beach?
Yes, the State of Hawaii imposes restrictions to beach weddings. Beach weddings are limited to 30 people. Archways and most types of decorations are prohibited (including chairs). For the complete term & conditions click here.

Where can I get more information about things to do on Kauai?
Our friends at www.kauai.com can set you up with activities and give you pointers on things to do.


Ask Iben

I'll be happy to answer any questions that you might have about my company or anything related to weddings on Kaua'i.